Whiteman’s retail store on Chestnut Street in 1842

The first transaction for the newly formed partnership, PIDC helped to execute a deal that moved Whitman’s Chocolates from the original location to a new 400,000 square-foot facility in Northeast Philadelphia.

Stephen F. Whitman was dedicated to Philadelphia businesses opening a small confectionery and fruiterer shop at Third and Market in 1842.  As the company grew and survived through the Great Depression and World Wars, as well as factory fires, they were looking for a new facility to accommodate their growing business.

In 1960, Whitman’s Chocolate was deciding between keeping productions in Philadelphia and moving to suburban New Jersey, PIDC was instrumental in keeping this iconic chocolatier in the city of brotherly love.  PIDC recognized the industrial value of Whitman’s Chocolate as such manufactures had long served as an economic backbone for the city.  This redevelopment attracted more investment capital to the area. City officials said construction of the new facility  heralded “the beginning of tremendous development.”

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Whitman’s first newspaper ad in 1860

5th & Race St in 1964

5th & Race St in 1964