Stormwater Grant Program

The Philadelphia Water Department’s stormwater grant program started in 2012 to provide financial assistance to non-residential property owners who desire to build green stormwater infrastructure to manage private property runoff. Stormwater retrofit projects are a cost-effective way for the Philadelphia Water Department to reduce stormwater pollution in Philadelphia’s creeks and rivers. The program also helps the Philadelphia Water Department reach its “greened acre” targets and meet regulatory requirements. So far, a total of $124 million has been awarded to 193 projects city wide. There has been 120 projects completed to date, with 500 acres of impervious area managed.

PIDC administers the stormwater grants which fund the design and construction of stormwater retrofit projects on commercial, industrial, multifamily and institutional properties. Stormwater retrofit projects filter and absorb stormwater runoff from hard surfaces like parking lots and rooftops. These projects also provide and opportunity to add new landscaping and improve the overall appearance of property. The Philadelphia Water Department award more than $15 million in stormwater grants every year.

One exemplary stormwater grant recipient, Zieger & Sons, was awarded $397K in funding. Zieger & Sons Inc. is a family owned wholesale florist dedicated to providing retail florists, event planners, and garden centers with quality fresh cut flowers, greens, plants and Christmas greens from around the world for over 100 years. The Zieger & Sons stormwater project was completed in September 2019 on 2.62 greened acres. Bohler Engineering and Brandywine Stormwater LLC served as consultants on the project which consists of the construction of two rain gardens.

For additional information on the Stormwater Grants Program and how to apply, click here.