Located in the Tacony section of the city, Revolution Recovery is a leader in construction and industrial materials recycling. Founded in 2004 with just a vision, today they boast more than 100 employees and operate at three locations. Revolution Recovery recycles more than 500 tons of waste each day at their Philadelphia location, including wood, metal, drywall, cardboard, plastics, and rubble.

A client since 2009, Revolution Recovery most recently received a Capital Project Loan from PIDC. These loans are designed for businesses or non-profit organizations undertaking capital projects such as building acquisition, renovation, leasehold improvements or equipment that need additional subordinate financing to complete the project. Revolution Recovery was looking to expand their footprint in Northeast Philadelphia. They were able to acquire property adjacent to their current operating center. The new space was 14.5 acres large, with an 18,000 square foot structure. They acquired this property to accommodate their expanding recycling operations.

Well respected in the sustainability field, Revolution Recovery’s leadership is actively engaged with the US Green Building Council, Green Building United, the Evolving Wallboard Systems Working Group, the City of Philadelphia’s Solid Waste and Advisory Committee, the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia, and the Construction & Demolition Recycling Association to drive innovation and advance best practices in the recycling industry.

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After wood is recovered from mixed debris, clean, unpainted and untreated wood is consolidated and sent through a grinder. The woodchip product is sent to a secondary processor where it is made into mulch.

The cardboard is baled before being shipped to a mill and fed to a repulper. The cardboard is agitated until it forms a fiber slurry, then the water is removed and the fiber mat is processed into rolls of paper.