PIDC Celebrates Employee Anniversary Milestones

All of our employees are such a significant part of our team and we couldn’t imagine our workplace without them. Recently, a few of our employees reached their anniversary milestones. Please join us in congratulating them on achieving 5-25 years of service.  Our employees have all worked hard for this accomplishment and we truly appreciate their dedication. Learn more about their roles at PIDC and what they consider the most rewarding part of their job.

Sam Rhoads

25 Years

Executive Vice President & Senior Vice President
Financial Services

Ilene Burak

15 Years

Senior Vice President & General Counsel
Legal Services, Business Operations

The most rewarding part of my job is working with smart, committed, mission-driven people to drive growth to every corner of Philadelphia.  Our work is often complicated and finding creative ways to solve problems and assist clients is sometimes challenging and fun.  I love being one of the many people who helps make the city a better place to live, work, and play; and I am grateful that I have spent the last 15 years working at PIDC.

Tiffany Canady

10 Years

Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Financial Reporting & Accounting

Being at PIDC for over a decade, it has been phenomenal to see how the organization has extended its reach to ensure the needs of the communities that we serve are being addressed.  I enjoy walking through any neighborhood in Philadelphia and seeing the impact that our organization has had on businesses and people of all types.  Our real estate development at the Lower Schuylkill, Bartram’s Garden, and The Navy Yard have been amazing to watch develop into majestic areas of the City.  Lastly, I love how we have grown to connect with our clients through our business support services and all the incredible resources that have been tailor made. My life has been transformed by the people that comprise PIDC — our staff, board, and clients.  I’ve experienced some of the brightest, compassionate, and passionate minds at PIDC, who make an incredible difference in our corner of the world.  I feel very blessed to be a part of this ever-growing, transforming, and connected community!

John Grailing

5 Years

Software Developer
Information Technology, Business Operations

Cassie Gardner

5 Years

Executive Assistant to the President

Marla Hamilton

20 Years

SVP, Client Engagement & Business Support
Financial Services

“The most rewarding part of my job has been the opportunity to work with business owners who span the width of industries, revenue sizes, and personalities and are willing to stretch themselves to unforeseen grow in unforeseen ways.  My guiding principle has been realizing every business owner needs not just financial support, but emotional support which may come in unexpected ways – business education, an advisor/business coach, peer, or in our case, the lender.  My job is to be an effective listener and foster trust that allows us to gently guide our clients to identify challenges and successfully overcome obstacles.”

Joyce O’Brien

10 Years

Accounts Payable Clerk
Financial Reporting & Accounting

Kate McNamara

10 Years

Senior Vice President
Navy Yard

I love the many challenges that the Navy Yard throws our way every day!  Just when you think you’ve got everything moving in the right direction, another curveball comes flying your way.  It’s really inspiring to see the creativity, flexibility, and commitment to finding solutions that’s a hallmark of our Navy Yard team, our colleagues across PIDC, and our partners at the City. Having the opportunity to work with such capable, dedicated, and fun colleagues every day is definitely the most rewarding part of my job!

Heather Hanowitz

5 Years

Vice President & Senior Loan Officer
Financial Services, Business Lending

Serving Philadelphia’s small business community at PIDC has been a dream come true. I get to learn about our clients’ life stories which, in turn, help me advocate for their projects. Their professional and personal backgrounds all weave beautifully into our underwriting and analysis of their financing request. Although many people think of small business finance being all about the numbers, what I love about PIDC’s approach is the strong relationships, educational approach, and level of trust that is encouraged to help someone get over the finish line for accessing capital for their business. There is no greater satisfaction than being able to serve as a steppingstone for our clients as they achieve their lifelong goals!

A Message To Our Staff

Thank you for staying with us through the years. Your talents and efforts have contributed tremendously in helping us drive growth to every corner of Philadelphia. We look forward to seeing all of the great things we know you will accomplish in the upcoming years!

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