Duross & Langel was founded back in 2004 as a small store, with the goal to create and develop natural spa and skin care products. The Center City based company hand makes soaps, skin and hair care products and candles that will take your sense of smell to new heights and leave your skin squeaky clean and silky smooth. Some may even have you wanting to take a bite (of course not recommended).

Owner Steve Duross credits the success and longevity of his business to their “commitment to quality”. When asked, he believes “the way we create and develop our products in micro batch makes us unique—plus we do it here in Philadelphia” Duross & Langel uses the best ingredients that offer multiple benefits (i.e. one moisturizer for the face, body, hands…). They also bring in the best employees as equity partners to foster development and reward as a team.

Duross & Langel received a Working Capital and Equipment Loan from PIDC to assist with the growth of its business. Duross & Langel was able to use financing to expand their manufacturing operations to be a more powerful entity. Since then they have also added a salon collective where licensed professionals have partnered to create a new kind of salon experience.

A Philly native through and through, Steve Duross long admired Philadelphia institutions such as Breyers or DiBruno Bros., and hopes to grow his own business to the likeness of these companies. PIDC is excited to see and champion Duross & Langel’s success!

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