Dietz & Watson is a family owned and operated Philadelphia-based purveyor of premium and organic deli meats, cheeses, snacks and condiments. The company is about to celebrate its 80th anniversary next year and is now one of the largest premium deli providers in the country. Creating the freshest and leanest beef, ham, pork, turkey and chicken breast, their items are made even better using all-natural spices and seasonings and are free of artificial flavors, colors, fillers, extenders and MSG.

After a fire destroyed the company’s New Jersey distribution center, Dietz & Watson needed help to recover and realize the family’s dream to consolidate and expand their headquarters in the Tacony section of Philadelphia. “We got a call from the mayor. He got PIDC to have a meeting downtown and, from the moment we had that meeting, we realized that PIDC was engaged,” said president & CEO of Dietz & Watson, Louis Eni. “PIDC really wanted to help to find a way to bring us back to Philadelphia. From that moment, they never really stopped. PIDC knew where to go, who to talk to, and that’s exactly how they got this job done.”

Bringing together the partners necessary to facilitate this expansion, PIDC orchestrated
a real estate transaction that assembled 77 acres of land from multiple public and private sources. The new land allowed PIDC to sell Dietz & Watson 20 acres to nearly double its footprint and construct a state-of-the-art food campus that will efficiently bring together their corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility with a new distribution center.

The transaction also allowed PIDC to create a 30-acre development site that has now been put under agreement with another food distribution company.