Philadelphia Works connects employers to a skilled workforce and helps individuals develop the skills needed to thrive it was or is the window in the workplace. Through the provision of technical assistance, the management of programs, ongoing labor market research, and the development of public policy Philadelphia Works successfully achieves this end.  Philadelphia Works efforts are supported by federal, state, city, and privately-raised employment and training funds.  Small business owners and large corporations alike can connect to valuable resources.   Last year, 1,350 employers found qualified talent through Philadelphia Works offerings.

Industry Partnerships

Industry Partnerships bring together employers, workers and job training providers from industry sectors to collaborate on improving the industry’s competitiveness and address common workforce needs. Philadelphia Works has funding available to subsidized training to incumbent workers within the Advanced Manufacturing, Logistics and Transportation, Food Manufacturing, and Rotorcraft industries.

On-the-Job Training (OJT)

Our on-the-job training program assists employers with the cost of hiring and training new employees. Employers can train new employees at their place of business while being reimbursed 50 percent of gross wages during training. Participation is subject to employer eligibility and available funding.

Customized Job Training (CJT)

Philadelphia Works administers CJT services to help eligible employers to train employees in specific job-related skills to obtain and maintain employment. Grants up to 75 percent of the eligible costs for training new or incumbent employees in the Manufacturing, Agricultural, Research and development, Advanced Technology, and Business service firms (non-retail) industries.

Staffing-Related Services Through CareerLink©

CareerLink is charged with the mission to provide employers with the best workforce available and the resources to maintain a successful workplace. Services include:

•             Self-service access around the clock

•             Staff assistance through  Business Services Representatives

•             Dedicated  business folders for your business

•             Free listing of job openings and Job Fair assistance

•             Identification and screening of qualified job candidates

•             Access to workforce information, programs, and resources

More Services for Employers

Need help finding the right services for you? Call a Philadelphia Works business specialist.  Please contact Barbara Stanford-Allen at ballen@philaworks.org 215.963.2100 or visit www.philadelphiaworks.org.